The Envid Family

Tiffany Envid is one of Columbus’ most sought after full-time harpists, playing at weddings, events, and local organizations. Not only does Tiffany keep busy with her full-time profession, she is also kept busy with 6 kids -which includes a set of twins! She has been featured in ABC6 TV, Fox28, and The Columbus Dispatch. I had the privilege of having her play magnificently at my wedding, with some of my favorite songs, which had me feeling nostalgic. For Tiffany’s family photography session, my wife and I started off by photographing Tiffany on her own with her harp, one of her children became an assistant videographer, using my cell phone to hone his 9 year old skills. Once all of her kids arrived, there was a splurge of energy and excitement, along with a whole lot of personality! Rebekah started to rile them up, get them comfortable with the camera and group together. I didn’t want my work to have them displaying a prosaic smile and bored energy... I love letting kids run wild with their facial expressions, because there is nothing more authentic! Tiffany’s kids have some FANTASTIC expressions and personalities (see photo above). It was a beautiful experience I will never forget as the beautiful fall leaves surrounded us, and the sound of the harp, my 2nd favorite instrument, playing in the background (the violin being my 1st favorite). I was in nature doing something I love (photography), hearing a wonderful artist play the harp, and I had my wife, Rebekah, as my main assistant catching any details and suggesting great poses and ideas. Definitely one of my favorite photo sessions!