The Beringer Family

Kyle’s photo shoot consisted of 9 family members. 5 Adults and 4 kids. 1 of which you’ll notice in the pictures couldn’t keep still and enjoyed the park’s openness more than anyone there. Autumn time is my favorite time to take pictures out in parks. You get these rich colors that I end up popping out in post production. Golden leaves, rich greens, and vivid reds are my favorite colors to capture during Autumn. A large family has it’s difficulties compared to smaller groups. There’s a lot more direction, posing, verification, color/temperature correcting, and general details to take in account before hitting the shutter button. Especially with 2 sets of kids with different personalities and age groups. The dynamics can lead to some amazing pictures in the end though and more interactions to capture. I love it when everyone acts more natural and appear as themselves in a photo rather than “posing” their facial features. Kyle’s family though seemed to be very close to each other, and that made the pictures come out even better by that fact alone. You can automatically see their connection and love for one another, and that’s a picture worth capturing.