College Cove Beach, California

Eureka is a place where I believe anyone would immediately feel at peace.
The habitual sound of waves crashing on rocks created a rhythm that washed out all good and bad thoughts, which caused the senses to focus on the immediate surroundings. There were sea lions doing nothing but lounging around as if it was their life mission. Some would jump in the deep water beside them, but most were just relaxing and seemingly enjoying life. ( They were too far to capture with my phone, but picture 8 shows the rocks where they were relaxing at).
Seagulls were flying afar as well.
It was an area I never had experienced. I've been to forests that felt utterly serene and almost magical, mountains so high that made everything feel so miniature, but being near the immense power of the ocean water hitting earth's formations, and without anyone else around, was extremely calming. It's a place I plan to visit as a different person, though I expect it to have the same effect.