Emma Family_23.jpg

The Bian Family

One of my favorite moments from this family photo shoot with Emma at Innis Woods was seeing the curiosity and exploratory nature of Emma’s kids. It was Spring, so they had a great time looking at the flowers, exploring the forest and viewing all of the bees and critters. It was wonderful seeing Emma’s parents there from China visiting and having a family photo session with them. Although I do not yet speak Chinese, it was quite an experience communicating through posing, smiles, and gesturing with the camera (as well as with Emma’s translation). They felt comfortable and even gave me kind smiles when I made the kids laugh. Emma and her husband are owners of a local restaurant with great food here in Dublin, Ohio called Jui Thai, which is where we first interacted! The little sister would often run around exploring the forest and looking back at the group with excited eyes. By the end of the session, both sisters were wiped out and ready to go home.