Kaitlyn & Micah Wedding _578 RS.jpg

Kaitlynn & Micah

The morning started bright, the sun keeping us warm as it was proving to be a chilly Ohio day in October. Flowers, ribbons, and the special wedding art canvas for Hannah Keiner, a local owner and artist of Inkuity, is set up and Hannah places her paintbrushes out and begins capturing the essence of the ceremony. In the same way, we, myself and my wife, Rebekah, were preparing our cameras, scouting the venue’s grounds for the best places for specific posing and family photographs that we had pre-planned. Both of us excited to be photographing the wedding of a friend. The details were lovely, and the atmosphere bright. We’re happy with all of the fantastic lighting, especially as it shone through the leaves that were turning brown and so reflecting warm colors. The perfect fall wedding. Kaitlynn laced up her shoes and had her flower crown placed on her head, and Micah tightened his tie and shoes, and straightened his jacket, buttoning it up. The love, laughter and genuine care of the couple, their family and friends, radiated through and was a joy to capture.