Junko-san Family 2017_168.jpg

The Uomi Family

I used to work with Junko-san at a restaurant that recently closed down called, Menya Ramen. We connected immediately and chatted away with several topics along with her culture, as I was always curious on the Japanese culture, and she was excited to talk about her original home. It was great working with her and when she knew I was a photographer, she was interested in having a family session. We had the photo shoot at Scioto Park, and upon arrival, I was immediately freaking out.
The park was FULL of people, since there was a concert going on. I called Junko-san to see if we could relocate, but they had already arrived and they mentioned having a busy schedule. I then did what I do at every session when things don’t go according to plans. I calmed myself and pretended everything was fine and was going to be fine. I went on through the session relaxed and letting my experience kick in and focused on connecting with the family. The children were having a blast and, although they were a little rambunctious, I was more than happy to see their personalities shine. They jumped and played with their mom and had their dad pick them up and explore the park.

At the end of the session, my nerves had been forgotten and my experience became another great family photo session, which holds my 3rd personal favorite picture (it’s the very last picture at the bottom).