Jennifer Family 2017_119.JPG

The Wagner Family

Planning this day was a bit hectic back in 2017. The Wagner kids are full of energy and thoughts to express. The day was looking like it was going to rain, and we were trying to fight against time.

The mother riled up the kids and we started at the front entrance of The Park of Roses. It wasn’t raining yet, but we were hoping we’d be able to finish before the rain started pouring in. That obviously didn’t happen if you saw the picture with the umbrella.

This is the 3rd family session I’ve photographed with the Wagner family, with the 1st session being back in 2012, same location. We even imitated a couple of very similar poses the 2 girls did in 2012. (One can be found at the bottom, 2 last pictures) It was great seeing the little ones grown and seeing their personalities develop, but still keeping part of their core intact. This one was different though, with 1 extra cute child named Henry.

I tend to not try and control children during a photo session too much. They start getting rambunctious, impatient, and start disliking you as a photographer. Those aren’t the main reasons though, the reason I don’t tell the kids to say “cheeeese” is because there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a child’s authentic personality and smile shine through, as opposed to shunning it.

During the middle of the session, a light rain started to fall, and I was actually very glad since it was my first time shooting in the rain and it lead to some unique photos.