Anderson’s Japanese Garden


English artist, Edward James, created magnificent sculptures within a rain forest. His surrealist style shined through by making monuments amid pools and waterfalls inside Las Pozas - Xilitla. Some of his critiques, and my uncle, Hector, stated that Edward was crazy for dedicating the amount of time designing these monuments within 80 acres, which took ~35 years. James' objective was to create a "Garden of Eden" at Las Pozas, and he did between 1949 and 1984.

Honestly, I had a surreal time. It gave me this sense of amazement similar to when I went to The Red Wood Forest in California. The colors, sounds, tranquility, waterfalls, monuments and the jungle in its entirety was fascinating.

There were these large plants that had purple on top, and green when flipped. Structures that let me see a wide range of scenery plus parts from where I had walked. Excited to go again this year, 2019, and have my wife explore with me this time.